Poll: A99 vs 5D3 (please read OP before voting)

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Re: Poll: A99 vs 5D3 (please read OP before voting)

BrightEyesOnFire wrote:

You are a rich amateur who has developed a passion for photography through use of your iPhone and a compact digital camera. You are now planning to graduate to a serious camera, and being rich, you want the best of everything: image quality, performance, video, features, ergonomics, lenses; everything. Money is no object. You plan on purchasing a full complement of lenses and accessories with the camera, not caring if you end up not using all of them since you are rich. You plan on experimenting with a variety of types of photography and want a camera/system that is versatile, but at the same time you are still an amateur and have no need for strictly professional features and services.

You are willing to devote time to mastering the camera and all of its functions and abilities, but you will be primarily a jpeg shooter because you have much more fun things to do than sit in front of a computer doing post-processing, especially since you just shelled out $10-15k for gear that's supposed to be able to deliver godly images straight from the camera. You may be printing large-ish sometimes but nothing that can't fit on the walls of one of your mansions/castles. Finally, you may be rich, but you have neither the time nor patience to test out two systems and compare which one is better. You're sure you'll be happy with either, but you want to pick the best of the best, so you're just buying one.

So taking all of that into consideration, what's your play? Canon 5D3 or Sony A99? (Pretty sure there's no objective reason to prefer anything Nikon here).


The camera for you is without doubt the Hasselblad Lunar. It will give you nice Sony JPEGs straight out of the camera, is insanely expensive, and looks so hideous that you can be sure that you will be the only one carrying one, so you will stand out in the crowd.

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