Question: why people buy high end cameras for snapshots?

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Re: Question: why people buy high end cameras for snapshots?

How do you know that you will not expand your skill set and use the extra potential that your camera has?

So I agree with your statement, but would word it sightly differently

It is better to have more camera than you need and have the ability to grow in to the camera, rather than have a camera which just enough for your abilities now, but doesnt allow you to grow your skills.

I think a lot of people have this philosophy about a lot of things - cameras, computers, cars and houses. People have the expectation that they will expand their knowledge and skills and/or want to be prepared just in case (example - I dont need a car that can drive at 120mph, but it is nice to have just in case I need to pass someone)

If they actually do increase their skills or knowledge is another story.

Taking a more artistic or professional shot requires more time, planning and preparation. A lot of the time people seem to want to rush to put up shots to show off their new purchase

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