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Re: D800 - Any happy users out there?

For what it's worth I'm very happy with my D800 which I've had for about a month. I use it for landscape and architectural photography.

My last camera was a D700 - the change was easy to make as operationally the two cameras are very similar and build quality feels just as good. The D800 does have a few changes to button positions but they are very easy to get used to and are improvements.

The only small thing which was better operationally on the D700 was the visibility in low-light conditions of the virtual horizon indicator in the viewfinder.

In terms of RAW image output the two cameras are very different however - in fact it feels like a much bigger step change than when I moved about 3 years ago from a D40 to the D700.

Apart from the obvious move from 12mp to 36mp the D800 RAW files have noticeably better dynamic range which is very useful in landscape photography and in post processing shadow areas can be brightened without the same noise penalty that D700 files exhibited.


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