Which one is the least discussed 4/3 (AF) lens ?

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Re: Vario-Elmarit 14-50

goblin wrote:

TedKurkowski wrote:

It doesn't give anything to you, because you don't have an early Oly body without IBIS. If you had an E1 or E500 with those Kodak sensors (or an L1) you'd be singing a different tune. Quite a few people here use the Vario-Elmarit on those cameras.

Indeed, you are right, my view was a "post E-510" one

I've owned all the Oly "Kodak sensored" bodies, but never at the same time as my Panaleica. I guess this L1 I'm dreaming of (for its looks and feel) WILL someday land in my hands after all. That's the only reason I'm keeping the Panaleica.

The L1 is a lot of fun - you'll enjoy it.  The old rangefinder look and feel takes you back to the early days of film - the Leica IIIf and early Ms - feels good in the hand, and a Katzeye split-image screen completes the retro feel.  The sensor's IQ is very good, just not able to go high ISO (any more than any Oly camera of that time).   It's small enough to be a good street camera and (ironically considering some of the answers in this thread) the small size of the pancake makes it one of the best lenses to use in that mode.

One thing I would note, though, is that it does show you how unfailingly accurate Oly exposure control is.  I usually run my L1 with slight underexposure in daylight.


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