X-Pro1 images dark (underexposed)

Started Nov 6, 2012 | Questions thread
hellocrowley Senior Member • Posts: 1,282
Re: Yet another factor......

BB84 wrote:

Ha! Most usefull reply yet!:-)

I actually DID believe that ISO was a fixed standard. The automatic exposure is working fine, so that's not it.

I had used my canon before to do the metering before shooting on film and that worked fine. Canon ISO 400 = Fujifilm Provia 400(film) = +/- ISO 640 Xpro-1

Still I think the gap is quite big...

Fuji is recently known for overstating their ISO values, compared to other manufacturers, presumably to score better in high ISO tests. So take their internet ISO ravings with a grain of salt. I've seen the OMD being accused of the same tactic. I hope this doesn't become a trend.

On the other hand I'm kind of glad because that means the minium ISO is lower than 200.

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