Question: why people buy high end cameras for snapshots?

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Re: Question: why people buy high end cameras for snapshots?

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Something i notice in the Sony forum, more than in Canon & Nikon, is that, we see people that just take snapshots, buying top of the line A99's.
So, no, i'm not going to "rage against you". I just want to understand why do you spend such amount of money, just to take snapshots ? You like having the latest and greatest? Just a tool that will allow you to grown in photography? Just a gadget and you like to experiment new gadgets?

Many people changed from the A77 to the A99 ( not only here ) ... but again, only for snapshots. Or, the excuse of having the best tool to grow and progress in photography ... ( what, imo, its BS )

For most amateur photographers it's more about owning equipment and playing with it than actual photography.

In the film days there was even less going on, just bitching about this-or-that feature, mode etc.

With the exception of professionals the amount of equipment you own is usually inversely proportional to the amount of pictures you take.

I always smile when I hear people asking: 'which new lens should I buy' or stating that they NEED a full-frame camera - or the latest one - a full-frame camera with an optical viewfinder. Most of the greatest photographs ever taken were taken with manual cameras and a four-element lens. An A200 would be a huge advance on them although of-course it's a 'beginner's camera' to the gear-twiddler.'

Canon and Nikon shooters are not any more serious - probably worse, there's just more of them.

Not true. The a200's sensor comes no where close to a film camera in dynamic range, resolution or noise quality.

Seems like you misunderstood my post.

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