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Re: Stupid lens question

Signalz1123 wrote:

So I have a stupid lens question I've always wondered about.

Why is it that when you hold a lens up to your naked eye and look through it, objects appear out of focus, even when your eye is exactly where the sensor would be. ... For the distant objects to become clear, i have to hold the lens over a foot away from my eye.Why will the lens focus distant images for a sensor but not for an eye the exact same distance away?

OK, imagine that instead of putting the lens on a camera and having it focus on the sensor, you have a little piece of ground glass that you hold up behind the lens that the lens projects a focused image onto.  That ground glass image is like any other object you want to look at - a newspaper clipping or a stamp or a coin.  Can your eye focus on something that's practically touching your eyeball ?

- Dennis

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