RX100 LCD - Useability in bright sunlight?

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Re: RX100 LCD - Useability in bright sunlight?

BillSprague wrote:

Maike wrote:

So what am I to make of that?

I had it set for that one day and forgot. Later that night I was in the cruise ship theater and wanted to take a short (illegal) video clip. When I turned on the camera the LCD lit up so brightly that it offended a few people around me, including my wife.

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Bill Sprague


I find the White Magic LCD feature a bit of hype and IMHO it's not all that helpful and it really sucks the battery life.

I guess you (Maike) should try the feature for yourself if you can, and if it's a deal killer for you.

So, I use a Hoodman loupe attached to the camera when it's unusually bright, need to fine focus manually, and at night. Another benefit of the Hoodman is that the camera, for me, seems more stable pressed against my eye, and I'm not holding the camera is the usual P&S arms outstretched position.

A bit OT, why is taking video in the cruise ship theater illegal? Do they (cruise entertainment staff) warn you first not to take pics or video during the performances?


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