5D3 and spot metering

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Re: 5D3 and spot metering

BAK wrote:

It's late and I'm tired, but if you turned around and pointed the camera behing you, you would have got a good exposure at those settings.

Find out about,and then think through, the sunny 16 rule.

Your point-towards-boats shot would have been a lot better with manual exposure, and with you swinging the camera arounda a bit, stillset onspot metering, and seeing how the exposure changes depending on where the camera is pointed. Then juggle those numbers in your head, and pick the settings for the "look" you wish.

Pointing the camera into a low sun gives you some choices -- silouettes, or bright sky and shadow side detail, or...

If this is sunset, you'd get a better general information shot in the morning, but not as many dramatic pictures.


Thanks,  I did turn the camera around and got some good shots like the one above.  I just wanted to see how good the spot metering was.;-)

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