What is D300s successor and what is not

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Re: What is D300s successor and what is not

ForeignerOnEarth wrote:

Canon 7D metal skeleton:


Pentax K5 metal skeleton:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/n00bs/5150774295/ (much cheaper, but metal)

Olympus OM-D metal skeleton:


Once again, you display this strange inability to distinguish between 'skeleton' and 'skin'.

7D dealt with in the previous post

But to sum it up, here is where the lens mount attaches:



Look where the lens mount attaches: plastic.

E-M5 - I was wrong about that, the skin is the chassis - of course it has no mirror box.

.... but bobn2 tell us, Nikonians are not allowed to have metal skeleton because they would be snobs!!!

I think the demand for the metal chassis is not based on any well founded evidence that a polymer chassis, as used in the 7D and 5DIII is not sufficiently robust. It is based on a desire to be differentiated from D7000 owners, and you can call that desire what you like. Frankly, it does not matter which materials Nikon uses as long as they do the job.

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