Question: why people buy high end cameras for snapshots?

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Re: Question: why people buy high end cameras for snapshots?

Addictif wrote:

Something i notice in the Sony forum, more than in Canon & Nikon, is that, we see people that just take snapshots, buying top of the line A99's.
So, no, i'm not going to "rage against you". I just want to understand why do you spend such amount of money, just to take snapshots ? You like having the latest and greatest? Just a tool that will allow you to grown in photography? Just a gadget and you like to experiment new gadgets?

Many people changed from the A77 to the A99 ( not only here ) ... but again, only for snapshots. Or, the excuse of having the best tool to grow and progress in photography ... ( what, imo, its BS )

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You say this as if a snapshot is a bad thing.

Henri Cartier and many other world leading photographers became famous and very highly regarded for taking snapshots.  The reason people buy a camera like the a99 for it is that you can get a far better snapshot with it then a point and shoot and if you love photography why not have the better tool!  Its like asking why someone buys a Ferrari yet drives it in the city.. how about..  because its enjoyable and its nicer to have more car then you need!
Ultimately the snapshot is the basis of street shooting and has as much photographic legitimacy as studio work or wedidings or events or whatever.

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