The fz 200s perfect video abilities

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Must Agree with Stephen

For what it’s worth, I’m totally with Stephen McDonald on this one.

I have a FZ150, and the very points that Stephen raised are all evident re the video on my model. As much I love my FZ150 as a stills camera (and I view it as the best FZ made to date), I could only recommend it as such. Unfortunately I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that Panasonic have rectified the video autofocus and other problem in the newer FZ200.

Hence, if you’re truly serious about shooting video beyond the secondary option created by FZ cameras, go buy yourself a dedicated camcorder to avoid the focus hunting and occasional picture jitter problems associated with these superzooms. First and foremost, FZs are stills cameras.

Admittedly FZ video can look quite stunning when everything’s right and in the finer edited examples, but to all but those who will accept or may not even notice the problems associated with shooting FZ generated movies, the FZ150 and FZ200 will be a disappointment.

So, to reiterate, whether it’s the 150 or 200, FZ’s are primarily stills cameras. Video is merely an option that may please and even astound some but annoy others with higher expectations re capturing movies. For the latter, and despite evidence that the latest Sony bridge cameras shoot less troublesome video than Panasonic versions, a dedicated camcorder is the 'proper' alternative. And, as far as I’m aware, Panasonic remain one of the best dedicated camcorder manufacturers around.

Regards to all,

Stevie Boy

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