Question: why people buy high end cameras for snapshots?

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Re: Question: why people buy high end cameras for snapshots?

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Something i notice in the Sony forum, more than in Canon & Nikon, is that, we see people that just take snapshots, buying top of the line A99's.
So, no, i'm not going to "rage against you". I just want to understand why do you spend such amount of money, just to take snapshots ? You like having the latest and greatest? Just a tool that will allow you to grown in photography? Just a gadget and you like to experiment new gadgets?

Many people changed from the A77 to the A99 ( not only here ) ... but again, only for snapshots. Or, the excuse of having the best tool to grow and progress in photography ... ( what, imo, its BS )

Nah. People regardless of brand take snapshots of whatever is nearby when they first get the new cam.

But I see tons and tons of teenagers walking around with a canon or nikon as a fashion accessory because it makes them look "so pro" or "artsy", and only use it to take pictures of their food to then upload on Facebook.

I see less of that with sony buyers, thank god. Maybe because we actually research our choices because we care about our images.

Really? You only see less people with sony cameras because that is what it is and not because Sony shooters are serious shooters. I undertsand your bias thinking but it is far from the represantation of the truth. The a99 is new, and buyers are excited so this will happen for a while. For me I dont mind if someone buys an expensive equipment just to take snapshots. It can only become a problem if you try to convince others that is the best camera on the market. Again camera comparisons are sort of a moot point because we can compare cameras scientifically, which tellsus of their abilities and limitations. but in the end, the user experience is what will matter. If camera A gives a person Y much satisfaction than camera B which scientifically is better than Camera A, then the scientific result for this user should not matter.

Read again. I'm talking about people walking around with the DSLR as a fashion accessory or only using it to post their lunch on facebook. I know a large number of Sony shooters, and all of them are serious photographers.

The remaining 70% of your reply veers into discussing camera comparisons which has no point or source in this thread and seems more suited to your own private rant thread.

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