D600 Af wont focus

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Re: D600 Af wont focus

xrdbear wrote:

The behaviour you describe is hunting and means that for some reason the camera cannot detect the in-focus condition. It could be damaged or dirty contacts on the camera/lens so I would look at these before doing anything else. The only other thing I can think of is that the lens is, for some reason, permanently stopped down when mounted on the camera. Is the viewfinder dark?

If what you say in your original post is correct and you were not trying to get focus in extremely low light (you didn't say) and you've checked the above then don't give it a second thought, your camera is faulty and should be exchanged or repaired.

I've cheked the lens and cleaned it, also cleaned the connection on the lens, but still the same problem.

Room hm outside it was dark, so i had one light on, normal light that you can read a book in the room, so it wassent dark, also in the morning the light was outside so the room had enough light in. The thing is i do remember on the same conditions with first D600 i din't had problems focusing never experienced what i experience right now.

I've also did a test focusing on the wall, and yes i know it cant focus but what i noticed the older D600 and D40 and D7000 witch i had they try to focus on the wall back and forth but yes of course nothing, but with the new D600 witch i have right now the replacement, 70% of the time it wont even try to focus on the wall it just dosent do anything when pressing shutter.

Also tried focusing on red towel witch was hanging in the room and it had shadows so i was guessing it shouldn't had problems focusing but it still had same problem, and with D40 i din't had that problem.

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