5DIII - I feel taken - Thanks

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Re: 5DIII - I feel taken - Thanks

DSHAPK wrote:

There must be a reason the d800 is getting cheaper whilst the 5d3 is getting more expensive. I'm thinking maybe the d800 is not really better, or Nikon needs to sell more or Nikon is becoming a non-profit organization or, ...

Or Canon reported terrible Q3 earnings and is hoping to milk more cash over the Christmas buying season by instituting the higher MAP pricing. Anyone with a significant lens/flash investment faces a painful loss upon switching systems, which Canon is taking advantage of. This tactic often does produce a temporary uptick in profits, at the expense of long term customer base.

To the OP, you're crazy. It's in our best interests if Canon drops the price early and often. If they can optimize manufacturing, then we can get a great product for less while Canon still makes a fair product. If they more efficiently develop new products, then the R&D costs that must be recovered place a smaller burden on initial sales prices. If Canon can lower the price enough to capture significant volume they won't require as much markup to be profitable. All of that, if and when it happens, is great for us.

Canon's recent MAP plans make me glad I don't make my living from photography. I'd planned to buy a 5D III with the yearly bonus money I get in November. Now I'm considering replacing my old White Lightning monolights with some sexy new Einsteins instead.

(FYI, Nikon's war on repair shops doesn't make the grass look greener over there...)

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