The street shots not posted , but not deleted......(M6 ;35 Cron)

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Re: Again for Jeff......

I have to admit I did not see the children on the left edge. The main child is playing "Hide and Seek" with them, and not simply having a quiet moment as I originally thought. Perhaps other viewers would have seen this. Sometimes the intention of the photographer at the scene is accurately captured, sometimes not. If he sees the connection in his image, then there is the chance others may, or may not, see it as well. The story may not be properly translated to the viewer; that might not be of importance either. If an image has a strong composition, and a pleasant form-factor, that could be a complete and satisfying experience all on its own.

Garry Winogrand would make a photograph of a thing just to see what that thing would look like photographed! For me this is a great insight; it places the composition as the first experience the viewer has with the image. If it succeeds, then the viewer can absorb the story and emotional intentions afterward. This is why photo editors make their first level judgement with the contact sheet. They are looking for strong composition, and then they eliminate the images lacking the intent and emotion being sought.

Here is an interview with Winogrand that helps explain his approach. The video quality is not very good:

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