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In general most forums I visit have a policy of locking undesired threads and posting at the top and bottom the reason for the lock. There are a few forums where the process is a bit more blunt with simple deletion. I'm actually not a major user of dpreview forums so I don't know how common thread deletion has become but I will make a few comments:

a) It is much easier to simply delete a thread then to explain the purpose of the deletion (though forum controls (software addition) can make the explanation part less time consuming).

b) Anyone who deals with forum crap 24/7 for a long period of time will have their patient tried at times; we all make mistakes even if we have good intention and it takes a lot of effort to fully examine a thread to determine its quality.

c) There is a long slop; with obvious crap that should simply be deleted (such as spam) to very good posts that are misunderstood. Moderation (even for very good mods) can be difficult. Some people simply have a habit of using inflammatory language even if they post good information and this plays on moderation.


Anyways I kind of prefer that threads not be deleted because sometimes even bad threads contain good information but I also understand that moderation takes a real effort (though there are at times very bad moderators; which makes it more difficult). Here at dpreview I can't really judge if moderation is fair or not and I suppose it is not my place to do so but I will say that it seems like a few people here and there are less than helpful in too many threads; while others are very helpful.

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