Proper exposure / exp comp with K-5

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Re: Proper exposure / exp comp with K-5

Tan68 wrote:

i am so relieved things are back to normal for you. reading the first post, i thought it might be hard to work out and that there would be several posts required for people to understand what you are seeing. and etc. you found the easiest solution!

when you mention the situations you have put the Canon in, i figure you mean matrix (or whatever Canon calls it) metering mode. in spot metering, there shouldn't be too much difference. the exposure settings may not be identical based on how each camera determines gray or whatever, but the results for each camera will be consistent and easy to become accustomed to.

with matrix metering, i imagine there would be more room for interpretation of the 'proper' exposure based on how the camera weights different portions of the scene. i have read Nikon has a good metering system. there is often discussion of "this" metering system protecting highlights and "that" metering system being bright. i hope you find the metering system of the K5 satisfactory.

I find the metering system in the K-5 to be brilliantly capable in comparison to the 50D. There are some things will inevitably take getting used to. For the most part, I think I've got this camera just about set up to be exactly what I would need for almost every thing. I love it.
So, by situations, I mean various lighting conditions and what the Canon required for exposure. I'm beginning to see the K-5 will expose virtually the same way in most of the conditions as the 50D. But wil more low light contrast prowess. I use a lot of filters so metering is tricky from time to time with proper exposure, but subjective, of course. 
As for Nikon, I've only really shot their D700 for any length of time. I was impressed with the low light performance but I didn't enjoy the skewed color cast in default settings. I figured there are ways around that via settings adjustments so I wasn't going to worry. 
It wasn't until Nikon raised the camera shop employee price list and increased every thing across the board that I decided to look to Pentax which uses the same sensor as the D7000. Honestly, I think Pentax does a better job unlocking certain features of the 16.3MP that Nikon didn't. Perhaps I didn't spend a long enough time on the D7000 to really explore the options but the K-5 seemed to present itself as a slightly more customizable DSLR. Once again, I love it!
Thanks for your reply! - Mark

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