X-Pro1 Manual Exposure with EC - PLEASE HELP.

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Re: X-Pro1 Manual Exposure with EC - PLEASE HELP.

so for  example you want to overexpose by a third stop while in manual mode? easy: there is a vertical over/under exposure bar at the low left side of the viewfinder, with one-third stop increments. you just put the 'needle' one-third step above neutral, that's all. you are operating the controls manually anyway, so this does not complicate or lenghten your picture taking one bit. but if it is the manual aspect per se that bothers you, well, then you should get out of manual and into P, aperture priority or shutter priority and operate the EC button.

by the way, and with all due respect, the example in your second post of going from 1/60 to 1/55 doesn't make sense photographically. there is no reason at all, ever, to increase exposure by 1/12th. it is just too little to be effective or necessary (as these are nuances that can at all times be implemented in PP without any one noticing the difference).



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