D600 Af wont focus

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Re: D600 Af wont focus

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

What is not clear is if your exchange camera came from the retailer or from Nikon.

In the UK a retailer exchange or refund is a quick legal right if a new product has a defect.

It is rare for a new Nikon item (as distinct from used by somebody else) to come out of the box with scratches. In the UK if it happens you have the right to an exchange or refund from the retailer.

As the D600 AF detects different to the D40 in a less than ideal test situation (what you are describing) sometimes D40 AF might work better than D600, and sometimes the other way round.

Based on what you report your second D600 might, or might not, have a fault.

I've exchanged the camera from Retail shop, but i dont know why that matters? Other thing they contacted me so will get a replacement.

So your saying that i'm imagining thing?

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