Backpacking around the world. Olympus OM-D

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Re: Backpacking around the world. Olympus OM-D

ryan2007 wrote:

The Panasonic 12-35 2.8 for a fast zoom with the 7-14 to cover all the wide to normal. The 25 1.4 & 45 2.8 macro are good options too.

I like the fast zooms whatever that ends up being to reduce having to change lenses a lot In this case more than prime lenses.

That answer is clearly from someone who has done more driving (or sitting) than backpacking...

I'd go for the 12-50 + 9-18.


9-18 (or 12) + 17 2.8 (or 20 or 25) + 45 1.8

If really cutting weight, eliminate the 17/20/25

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