Massive Photo Overdose

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Re: Massive Photo Overdose

Hello there,

I have a fairly big collection as well. I use a 2-tier folder structure like this in my data drive:

  • year
  • shoot name & date

Shoot name is either a location (for travel / wildlife / macro) or a name (for portraits / portfolio work).

In each folder I save the RAW files and the processed TIFFs.

I don't shoot that frequently so I may have something between 20 and 40 folders in 1 year.

But the main trick is... every time I shoot the RAW files go into a "work in progress" folder. There I do culling and processing and the final results will go in the photo drive when ready. My culling is fairly brutal and I generally keep around 5% of the original shots... the rest gets binned. Forever.

I also tag a subset of my images... the ones I really like.

This way my collection grows at a slow and manageable pace.

Some people may object that you should keep all photos because in the future some better software may be able to create better conversions... my take is that I've never had the need nor the will to go back to re-do a photo apart from a handful of the ones that got sold one way or the other. But you can count those on the fingers of 2 hands

This is not about saving disk space. This is about my take on photography, which for me is a great passion because it is ever-changing and forward-looking, not backward.

Don't get me wrong I am happy to save shots that are not technically perfect if I think that the content is worthy (newsworthy or great moment or great action or great memories). I just don't see the point of keeping multiple duplicates of the same scene, meaningless shots or shots so bad that you can't see what I was taking pictures of...

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