Nikon D4 vs D800 in light of the recent dxomarksresults

Started Mar 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Surprisingly, the sensor on the D800 and D600 is better than on the D4.

It translates into better dynamic range in particular.

The choice between the D4 and D800 and D600 depends only on the way you use the camera.

If you need a very high frame rate, then the choice is easy and the D4 is the choice. Otherwise, you will be better off with either the D800 or the D600 and the D600 might very well be easier to take pictures using an easier, more flexible technique than when using the D800.

The D600, you should also consider it very surprisingly. In particular, it has a higher frame rate than the D800 if you care a lot about this particular feature. Apart from that, it is probably as good as the D800 but has 24 MP instead of 36 MP.

The great thing about Nikon is that these 3 cameras are simply top of the DSLR cameras from any manufacturer.

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