Anyone planning to migrate to Windows 8 on a desktop or notebook/laptop

Started Oct 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: To anyone planning to move to Win8

I agree. I have a bootcamp instalation and find myself using win8 more and more. i dont understand why people find the tiles(metro) interface difficult, i find it intuitive quite efficient and has some nice eye candy. I have not had one slow moment or any type of freezing from win8 even with multiple tiles open. My 6 yo HP printer started working straight away something unseen from the old MS!. Considering its a new OS, they did a good job.

ome thing I should point out is that apple hardware is known to run windows OS very well and that usualy PCs have a lot of bul**t installed from the manufacturer.I also have 16gb of ram so that should help metro

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