Nikon D4 vs D800 in light of the recent dxomarksresults

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Re: There will never be a D4s - reason

D4 is crap.

NIKON missed the boat when it decided to go with two different memory card formats.

Hopefully, D4s will come with either dual CF or dual XQD slots.

Until then, I'm keeping my D3ses while using D800s and 5D Mark IIIs for special projects.

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Event_shooter wrote:

My thoughts on why there will never be a D4s. The D4 is like driving a Ferrari after driving a BMW..... coming from a D3. My imagination just can't dream of what Nikon could do to the D4 to make it a D4s. It has all the innovation, quality, resolution, high iso etc. etc. off all their other cameras combined in one camera.

What could the "4S" version possible add to perfection. Can you make a better Ferrari, can you improve the Porsche, Leonardo da Vinci knew when to walk away from the Mona Lisa. ?

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