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Thomas Karlmann
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Re: Never too much about cameras

Eric Fossum wrote:

Well, Mr. Karlmann, I have to just laugh at your original post and your ensuing comments. I especially laughed at your comment about needing shutter speed and aperture control on the cell phone camera before you would take it seriously and thus allow cell phone cameras into the discussion at DPR. If I understand you correctly, real photographers need knobs to twiddle before they can be considered photographers, and any picture taken with a DSLR in any kind of automatic mode is not a real photograph. I suppose you must be equally opposed, in some sort of Luddite fashion, to post processing of photos using software since using a machine to do something one could have done by knob twiddling when taking the photograph is a cheat to a real photographer.

I think your arguments are ridiculous. Photographs taken with pinhole cameras (no knobs) with a solid-state image sensor, DSLRs which typically at most allow you to twiddle only a single knob and then calculate the rest of the settings, incl. things like focus or white balance, and even cell phone cameras where pointing and shooting is the camera action part, and the rest is in post-processing software are all part of digital photography.

On the other hand, reading provocative posts based on a half-formed Luddite philosophy like yours is what makes reading DPR fun for me and probably many others. So thanks for making my morning.

When you get a chance, tell us all what makes a camera worthy of being discussed on DPR. Nothing more fun than shooting ducks sitting on a soapbox.

I thought your reply was hilarious as well.  Persprctive?  You can take all your photos with pinhole cameras, Instamatics and cell phones -- if you so choose.  Just a couple of things to consider:  How many photo-classes have you sat in where the instructor said "OK to use cell phones for this college-level photo class"?  How many pros are dumping all their pro gear and just using a cell phone instead?  How many disposable cameras passed out free at wedding receptions result in award-winning 40"x60" wall prints?  You just keep going in your direction -- it makes selling my photo services so much easier. Or, going in another direction:  if you or your daughter were getting married, and you were meeting with possible photographers, would you select one using a cell phone?

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