Anyone planning to migrate to Windows 8 on a desktop or notebook/laptop

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Re: To anyone planning to move to Win8

Sorry, but your statements do not really reflect my experience.

It is perfectly possible to use Win8 and Metro Apps with traditional keyboard/mouse. I do this all the time on my primary Desktop PC. Touchscreen monitors are not needed.

Yes, there's some new ways of interacting with the OS. They are second nature to me now, and I don't give them a second thought. The idea of adding a third-party app to keep the Win 7 Start button does not interest me one whit. It makes me think of re-attaching the training wheels to a child's bike.

Why on earth should I upgrade my current toolset of programs to Metro ones unless there's an advantage in doing so? I will just carry on with my current suite of programs, thank you very much. There are some Metro applications that I already find useful, and these have been added into my toolset. Others may follow in due course.

None of my peripherals (and some of them are ancient in computer terms) have had any driver issues. If there is no Windows 8 driver available, the Windows 7 driver has just worked in all cases for my set of peripherals.

Bugs exist in all versions of operating systems. Win8 is no worse than others. I've yet to find a bug that causes me a problem, and in fact the bug that I did find in the Release Preview has been fixed by Microsoft already. See

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