Why so many hate Sony?

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Re: Why so many hate Sony?

BMWX5 wrote:

Either they are in denial that Sony is a very innovative company

or they invested so much on their camera brand that switching to Sony is not an option so they talk crap about Sony.

I hate Sony yet I did purchase a RX100 for my wife to replace her aging Fuji F31fd and the Panasonic GF3 she refuses to use, and I am considering a RX1 for myself.

The reasons for my detestation are, in decreasing importance:

  1. The DRM rootkit fiasco. Sony's behavior was simply inexcusable.
  2. The fact the content tail wags the dog and enforces ever more draconian DRM restrictions on their products to the detriment of the consumer. Of course, Sony's crippled products are unattractive compared to, say, Oppo, and thus the electronics business becomes less profitable and more dependent on the entertainment division, which increases the latter's power, in a vicious circle
  3. Their habit of foisting proprietary formats like Memory Stick, MiniDisc and so on to lock in consumers into their ecosystem.
  4. Their overpriced TVs, which are just rebranded Samsung jobs.
  5. The garish color rendition in their compact camera line (which the RX100 was spared, thankfully)

They should praise Sony so it will push Canon or Nikon to design better cameras. Competition is healthy for consumers.

Well, the large-sensor compact market was really pioneered by Sigma with its DP1, but yes, Canon and Nikon are complacent and deserve a swift kick in the backside.

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