Nikon EX system: Any chance?

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sjgcit wrote:

> But we are speaking of 10-12 lenses. Nikon can afford that.

I can see you've never been involved in R&D. No company spends money without a plan for an ROI. Well, companies do, but they usually go bankrupt quite quickly.

Like any business Nikon has finite resources - e.g. manufacturing plants. Where precisely do they make the new systems ? What part of their existing product line do they stop making ( and hence making an ROI on ) while they make the new system ?

That's just the tip of a very complex iceberg.

How long does retooling take to switch production between product lines ?

How much of each product do you make ?

Do you expect enough ROI to justify expensive new production facilities ?

How much do you spend on marketing ? How do you spend it ?

1) Complete the 1 system in 2013 (macro lens, ultra telephoto)

2) Release OM-D / G5 / GH3 competitors based on the F-mount, call them D3300 / D5300 in 2013

3) Do only incremental development for the 1 system from 2014

4) Cut down marketing budget for the 1 system from 2015

5) Market the new system as logical extension of the F-system.

Who is going to buy it ?

1) F-mount users that want a capable and compact secondary camera. These people today have to decide between NEX, Canon EF-M, Fuji and MFT. Nikon must hope that they defect to Fuji and MFT so that they will stay with Nikon F as their primary system. If they go Canon and Sony and start buying EF / Alpha lenses it's more dangerous.

2) Compact and phone camera upgraders who want a real camera with a large sensor but not the weight of a DSLR.

Will it affect existing sales on existing lines ?

1) Offering a choice for those in the market for a small secondary body will sustain the F-mount system and help long term sales of DX/FX Dxx00 and Dx00 cameras.

2) It won't affect the J1/J2/Jx cameras too much since its in a very different price segment. It will negatively affect the V1/V2/Vx line though, which is not too important anyways.

No-one starts R&D on a new product line until they've already answered all those questions. No-one still in business anyway.

And it costs a lot of time, resources and money to answer those questions. And you haven't even got beyond a clay mockup of the shape yet.

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It's simply a joke to claim that Nikon cannot afford a third camera system. Of course they can. And they may be be forced to do it.


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