Question about CAF with my E-5, appreciate comments.

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Re: Question about CAF with my E-5, appreciate comments.

I have an E-3 which I don't think is much worse than the E-5 at C-AF. I eventually gave up on C-AF using Olympus, and bought a used Canon 1DIII, which solved the problem. Mainly for motorcycle racing.

However, I still have my Olympus kit, and used the E-3 with my 150mm F2 a few weeks ago at an air show, because aircraft are much easier than the bikes. Using S-AF I got many shots with a high keeper rate, and I recommend you try it next time.

If you refocus and fire continuously, you will get as many shots as you want, and you can guarantee most will be in focus. I also use single middle focus point, small size.

These are a few few shots from the shoot, and you can see some were quite close using just the 150mm, and the planes were moving at a good speed.



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