Anymore rumors on Olympus 25mm? & good place to buy the 25mm 1.4 in Bangkok - is Thailand cheaper?

Started Nov 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Bangkok

I have lived in Bangkok for several years.

Bangkok is good for getting Oly gear generally both in terms of price (although not as cheap as HK) and availability - we have had the EPM2, EPL5 and 15mm lens for a month now. Tourists can claim back VAT (7%).

Panasonic not so. Simply to get hold of recent product is a nightmare. Avcamera has the 12-35 2.8 in stock - but has had it for less than a month - and I am not really sure where else you could buy that lens. Prices for Panny equipment are high - generally around European prices or around 30% or so above US prices. Panny Thailand simply doesnt stock anything apart from the most basic of M43 lenses.

So it is a complete waste of time trying to buy a Panny 25/1.4 lens in Thailand. You will spend a long time finding one and then when you find one it will be priced too high to be worth buying.

Like a lot of people I recommend Avcamera ( Prices for purchase are often quite a lot cheaper than listed on their website.

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