Naive EOS M vs. Ancient PowerShot Question

Started Nov 5, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: Naive EOS M vs. Ancient PowerShot Question

Jim Wong wrote:

Thanks for the info - I was thinking about a DSLR for the reasons you mentioned, but the portability advantages of the EOS M (and other mirrorless options) seems pretty appealing. Thus, I'm also thinking about the Sony NEX cameras, which don't seem to get as much negative attention for autofocus (but I'm sure they have issues all their own).

Yes - each has its trade off. SLR has generally great image quality and speed and manual controls, some mirrorless have some of those things also, and I think the top Sony NEX cameras are close to SLR in many ways - however they are also larger than the EOS-M.

While its oversimplifying things, the more portable you go, the more sacrifices you will make in certain areas. The EOS-M is really small compared to the competitors, and doesnt sacrifice on IQ, but maybe it does on speed, especially with the most portable lens, the 22mm pancake.

It comes down to what you value - i value image quality above all else, and being able to attach my current lenses as a second priority. As I already have an SLR, the reason I was looking at the smaller camera was purely for portability, so size was also very important. so, the EOS-M was a natural choice for me.

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