XF1 Deal Breaker (for me)

Started Nov 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: XF1 Deal Breaker (for me)

I'm with KWA:  NO telling what those display cameras at Bust Bye go through.  If you go back and you can access the SetUp Menu, scroll down to the Reset function and reset the camera.  You'll know you did it right if the next thing you see is a query for what language do you want to use.  Do it, exit SetUp and try the view on the LCD again.  Never held one. but at very nearly the same price point as the X10 I'm thinking it would be the same or very similar screen.  I'd eyeball the battery symbol in the display as well, it doesn't take long for those little batts to go south, or there's a bogus power supply in its place from the display counter.

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