X-S1 and EXR?

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Re: X-S1 and EXR?

Paul, though I use Aperture Priority a lot, and Manual on occasion, I like Program for the shift-ability.  It has the most tweaks available in the Shooting Menu vs. EXR and Auto.  In fact, on the XS-1 my C1 preset is built in Program mode to be my 'Velvia' preset:  The sharpening, color boost, etc., aren't available in Auto.  I built it for when I went crazy, postcard style color.

I went to Aperture mode (and by extension, Program where I can shift the f-stop/shutter-speed combinations) as I usually got burnt often enough by the camera defaulting to the biggest aperture in any of the automatic modes.  I wound up with 'oughta-focus' problems from shallow DOF with these fast lenses.  So now I can monitor a bit more conscientiously the selected F-stop and change if I don't agree.

But yeah, what the apparently same nomenclature means from one cam to the next can be quite different !

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