Nikon Disappoints with Current SLR Geneneration

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Re: Glad you never owned a canon 1dsmk2

leicaman wrote:


I didn't expect to NOT have to clean my D600.... but you have one spot after months... Mine CAME with 15 spots... I cleaned it... took 24 exposures and then it has 40+ spots on it. and on and on... Many spots in the upper area which show up in the sky.

How would YOU feel with an experience like that? I guarantee you would not be pleased.... the D66's dust shaker does nothing to help the problem. The mirror chamber came contaminated. Now I understand what you are saying... but I think you do not understand what those of us with this problem are saying.

Daniel Clune wrote:

I had a canon 1DSMK2 which was before any dust shakers were on the market. I had to clean its sensor weekly. Even if the lens wasn't even removed during that week. Wet cleaning was the only way, dust blowers just blew the dust around. I think I might now have one dust spot on my D800 which I might have to clean it for the first time. I have had the camera now since early June. Not too bad if you ask me.

If you don't want to clean it yourself maybe you could find a local shop that could do it for you. Or you can wait until the next round of cameras but who is to say the same thing wont happen again. As a former canon owner I don't think it would be much better going canon.

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Very true I don't own a D600. If its that bad cant Nikon also remove some of this excess grease when its sent in for sensor clean. Having a hard time believing this excess lube cant be removed. Yes it would suck to have this problem on a new camera. I would think it would go away soon enough. Not sure I would skip an entire camera because of it though. I didn't mean to minimize your problem.But doubt nikon will recall cameras for something like this. Heck many are asking for D800 recall for left fous problem and that wont happen either.

Maybe put camera in high speed and blast away a few hundred times to get excess lube off?? Just a thought.

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