I've decided I need a bigger sensor

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Re: I've decided I need a bigger sensor

Dheorl wrote:

clengman wrote:

Also the hgh speed sync functions/ND filter ideas don't really work for what I want the flash for.

This doesn't compute. You said you wanted the faster flash sync speed that the other two cameras offer, but the high speed sync available on m43 cameras won't do what you want? Wha?

Sounds to me like you're just anxious to blow a big wad of cash on a camera that looks unusual so people will ask you about it and you can explain how awfully expensive it was, but the "IQ" is peerless and yadda yadda yadda...

Have fun with it...

Because although high speed sync increases the shutter speed you can use it also decreases the flash output, meaning it's of little benifit when shooting outside trying to balance/overpower the sun. The same with ND filters, they reduce your flash light just as much as they do the ambient.

If your goal is to overpower the sun then ND filters and FP mode flash will help. ND filters will allow to lower exposure time and increase flash power without closing aperture too much.

Even mid-range flash like FL-36R is much brighter than sun at 1/2 - 1/3 of its power if the subject is at about 6 feet. FP mode reduces power approximately by half for each stop above flash sync limit.

For example, this shot below was taken with FL-36R and about 4.5 stop light loss given by 3 stop ND and polarizer stacked. It's the brightest sun and you see shadows are bright too. I didn't have to boost shadows in post.

Pen E-P3 has 1/180s sync speed. It's 1/500s exposure so flash maximum power was about 1/3 of its full power. But, I used even less power - the flash was in TTL mode. If I set full flash power manually it would have overexposed. I would just need stronger ND filter if I wanted to completely eliminate sun.

flash, 3 stop ND + polarizer

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