Iam officially a camera bag Goddess, also which photo is better? Practicing shutter and indoor photo

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Re: Iam officially a camera bag Goddess, also which photo is better?

Here's a couple of comparison shots from playing around this weekend that might illustrate the point a little at least.  I was taking pictures of my daughter, she was very proud of her new scarf.  Started out with the A65 and 18-55 kit lens:

At 30mm and F4.5, not horrible but a bit boring I thought.  I wanted the background to blur more.

Next, moved to a telephoto lens, Tamron SP 70-300 USD

Shot this at the short end of the telephoto, 70 or 80mm and F/4.0.  It's subtle, but the background is a bit blurred and she comes out of the picture a bit better.

So, longer focal length and larger aperture, and a better picture I think.  And it's definitely a better lens than the kit lens too, especially with the aperture wide open.  Much better color and sharpness in my opinion.

Also, I like how she's posing (there was no prompting, just her acting goofy) and the exposure in this particular shot is better.  It's definitely best to take a bunch and pick the winners rather than trying to get 1 perfect shot.

I wouldn't have guessed that a 70-300 lens would be useful indoors for portrait shots, but I've gotten some real winners from it, so it has payed to experiment.  But I think next I'd like to get the 35/1.8, I think that will be an even better tool indoors and I won't have to stand so far back.

Anyways, hope this is a little helpful.

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