Just got my Sony NEX 5n - wow! A few questions about continuous shooting.

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Re: Just got my Sony NEX 5n - wow! A few questions about continuous shooting.

El Matadurr wrote:

guitarlar wrote:

Tonight I'm going to a firework display, I've searched and read through some of the other threads about this and I've managed to set my 5n up as suggested by some posters, apart from the speed priority shooting mode. It works in Auto mode, but if I put it on Manual mode or a scene mode, it doesn't work. It will only do single shots. But if I put it into auto mode it does the continuous shooting. Is there any advice someone can give me to sort it out? Thanks a lot!

Shoot in manual mode, stop down to about f/8, use base ISO. Set your camera up on a tripod and use one of those cheap infrared shutter triggers (you can get them for a couple bucks on Amazon), and go from there (notice how in my examples the shutter speeds are all different, you have to adjust on-the-fly for particular fireworks that are brighter/dimmer than others). You don't want to try to handhold them unless you are going for a shaky effect.




Also, your pictures are fine. Keep shooting, you'll only get better.


These pictures look absolutely fantastic.which lens did you use? dont tell me it was the kit lens

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