Second thoughts on XE1 Kit

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Re: Second thoughts on XE1 Kit

Balthazar B wrote

60mm macro: Not an ideal focal length for macro (should be longer).

A 90-105mm macro lens is the classic length of a macro lens that is not meant for copy work like a 50-60. Think Nikon 105 2.8 Macro or the excellent Tamron 90 2.8 Macro. Longer focal length Macro lenses like the Nikon 200 f4 or Sigma 150 2.8 are great lenses, especially when you need a lot of working distance, but they are large and heavy, almost always requiring tripod collars. Thought of in this way, I don't see such a macro lens as a great fit for the Fuji X rangefinder-esque bodies.

Its gotten some flack for slow focus, but it's tack sharp, and with an f2.4 aperture, it doubles as an excellent portrait lens. Until the 56 1.4 is released, obviously this lens is a no brainer.

> 18mm: Kind of superfluous if I already have the 14mm, 23mm, and mid-zoom.

No argument here, although I love my 18 f2. I will say that of the replacement lenses you mention will be as wide with a large a max aperture. And depending on the type of photography you do, the extra stop vs the 18-55 may make a difference.

> 35mm: "Normal" lenses have always been the most boring for me, and again, superfluous between the 56mm (for portraits, etc.) and mid-zoom.

I'm never understood when people say 50mm is a boring focal length, but I suppose if you do a lot of landscape work a 35mm lens may made more sense. But neither the 56 1.4 or the 18-55 are a replacement for a fast 50 (Perhaps the 23 1.4 could be a replacement if you like a slightly wider normal lens, assuming it's as sharp as the 35 1.4). Considering that the 35 1.4 is by far the best Fuji lens at the moment, I find it a must have. This lens lives on my X-Pro1. Cheers, everybody. Exciting times for X shooters.

** Note: The ">" marks indicated text written by Balthazar B.

Sorry about the formatting, but this new forum software is terrible for quoting text from a previous post, especially if you're trying to quote from a numbered list. Boy do I miss the old forum software. From embedding images to quoting text, it just worked better. 

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