D800 Far left/right AF issues...

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Re: D800 Far left/right AF issues...

M Powered,

If it needs -4 for the center and -12 for the outer sensors, it might be within specifications. That would be a delta of 8 which is below 10 which is the upper limit for what is measured with current DSLR with f2.8 lenses according to Falk from lumolabs: Testing the AF sensor array

As you can see here, a Nikon D3 as the following best AF Fine Tune values for a 24-70 f2.8 at 24mm: extreme left (-6), center (3), right (-7). That's a delta of 10 which is more than the one you give.

Let us know if your body is improved.

And yes, it seems that some Nikon centers messed up some bodies even more, but it seems to be over now.

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