Fuji X-10 Canada repair!!

Started Nov 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
jkuo Regular Member • Posts: 191
Re: Fuji X-10 Canada repair!!

zcus wrote:

I feel your pain!!! Day 50 and still waiting... and the bad news is that someone else here on the forum that sent it to the same place in canada for repair; recently received his back and the the focus is stuck on AF-C... this is just unacceptable service.

Not only that but the flash appears to be non-operational as well after I got it back.  No matter what I try, the flash does not fire when popped up and the odd thing is that the flash modes do not appear when I press the right side of the control dial where the flash symbol is.  Though I dread having to send it back and wait for who knows how long again, I simply can't live with a "disabled" camera.  Makes me regret having sent it in in the first place, hoping it would be an easy fix for something that was, for me, only a relatively rare and intermittent orb issue...

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