Am I the only person here excited about the next 43rds body?

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Re: Am I the only person here excited about the next 43rds body?

I might get excited if Oly announced that they are, in fact, going to bring out a new 4/3 camera, an e-7 would be great. But in their inscrutable style, they aren't making any concrete statements one way or the other. My bet is that we will get another, maybe slightly larger, OMD with a kludge to focus 4/3 lenses with promises to make it better in the next iteration.

Even if they produce the e-7, its fairly clear, to me at least, that the 4/3 line is in a cul-du-sac. If you have big, heavy glass, it's going to be hard to use with any ergonomic finesse. The "smaller" 4/3 glass like the 12-60, 11-22, ultra wides, etc, may be viable. Its a matter of balance.

We have a few choices, buy into m-4/3 or wait for the next e-x camera. Or we could consider moving to another platform entirely, yes, it sucks, but if you want a full-size body with an optical finder, there isn't much of an alternative.

In the end, it's all about making pictures. To do that you need the right equipment, equipment that fits the hand and feels right with the right viewfinder for your comfort. After that, the name on the gear is no longer relevant.

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