Camera Purchase Obsession Disorder <tm>

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Re: Camera Purchase Obsession Disorder <tm>

lepton wrote:

UPDATE: Now that the 5D3 has gone back up to $3299 at most retailers, I've decided that the 5D3 was DEFINITELY the way to go, that I've missed the best deal of 2012, and that I'm a complete idiot for not pulling the trigger (I once again had everything in my cart at Amazon, yesterday AM, and hovered over the place order button for a good 2 minutes).

Of course, if the price drops back down to $2999 again, I'll come up with a reason to wait for the 6D: "eh, now the 6D is just weeks away, you've waited this long...."

I don't know how I missed this thread as I always find them amusing.  I can understand to some degree when someone posts and asks for "real life" results from real people with respect to tests run in a lab.  But in the end, people have do make their own decisions on what they want, what they can afford and whether or not they really want or need it.  Obviously for some people this is just too much fun.  All you're doing is wasting you life trying to make a decision.

At some point, I will pull the trigger on something, but I think I'll miss agonizing over the options.

No, you won't.  Because once you pull that trigger you'll be back to check if yours makes more/less noise than the norm, or has more/less banding than others, focuses properly and so on till you get sick to your stomach.  Worse yet, you'll probably agonize over returning the item within any allowable time frame permitted by whichever vendor you use as you second guess yourself.  Then you can start all over again.  Yippee!?


If you want some real advice, go online now and pick a camera and click "buy".  Any bloody camera.  And then pat yourself on the back that you made a decision and don't beat yourself to death over the choice.  Enjoy it.  Stop getting enjoyment out of wasting time with what ifs unless you want to miss some more of your kids growing up, both in spending time with them and taking your cherished pictures of them.

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