Am I the only person here excited about the next 43rds body?

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Am I the only person here excited about the next 43rds body?

Not to ruffle too many feathers (and if you feel a need to defend some of these superb cameras... try to hold back), but I have been using the EM5 for a few months now, and I LOVE the output. When I look at the DPR comparison what do I see... well here si the way I look at it...

The output for the EM5 is about one stop (sorry to use that term) from the 5Dm111 when looking at the shadow area RAW output when examining for detail and noise...

The output is almost on par with the D3 when enlarging the D3 to match the resolution of the EM5... it is just outside one stop from the D3s when looking at the shadow noise and detail and it is about the full 2 stops from the D4 (as sensor tech allows)... These are three kings of low light performance over the last few years... The D600 is just over a stop from the EM5 and that impacts what I have to say in a moment about the A99 form sony...

Then I look at the a850 and a900 which clearly have the awful sony on sensor NR in their raw, and the EM5 sensor is well ahead for noise at higher ISO and detail... The A77 doesnt compare well, and as we imagine the A99 will have the D600, Sony processing and loss of a 1/3 stop of light... It will probably be around par give or take with the EM5...

With that in mind, and the superb Olympus Zooms in the 43rds range, If I had bought the a900 then the a99 I would have spent $6000 (approx), If I had bought the D3 and the D4 I would have spent $10,000 (approx) and if I had bought the 5D11 and 5d111 I would have spent $7000 (approx)... or the D700 then D800 about $7000... But I bought the E-3, EP-2(used) then the OMD for $3200 (approx)...

Now I am a bit stressed that the new 43rds body isnt here yet, however the savings alone on two bodies always makes me feel better. These newer FF bodies, stripped down from their more professional counterparts are fine, they will offer great value for money to their system users... But if I bought a D3x a few years ago for $8000... which was landmark and still is superb... but then the D600 and D800 are on the scene.... I would prefer to be one or two stops back in terms of sensor noise than spending an extra $3000-$5000 every few years on camera bodies...

But I will tell you why I am excited about the E-7...

It will improve on the OMD, if only thanks to better processing power and added functions
It will focus my 43rds lenses properly, and they are gems
It will be jam packed with new features such as a new AF system... and of course it will, they have used the AF form the E-3 (give or take) for the E-30 and E-5 and have got a good life out of it, as well as time to develop a new system.
It will have very competitive video

So, I get excited... I have two systems, a zoom system with fast zooms for flexibility, and performance, and a smaller system that can share lenses (such as my macro lenses for product and food photography as well as video applications) with the bigger system, but can also be smaller with wonderfully small high performing primes covering a range of FL.

Exciting times for 43rds, a breakout sensor with excellent lenses and room for the new flagship to really stand out while remaining at a comfortable pricepoint.


Here are some EM5 shots from a recent shoot, processed in ACR the Nix Silver FX

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