D800 Far left/right AF issues...

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Re: D800 Far left/right AF issues...

Photo 81,

Would you mind posting some 100% crops of the issue like the ones I've posted above on this thread. What would be useful is a shot of a vertical target on a ground where there are a lot of details (sand, printed text, or a road) to know where the focus landed. Posting pictures with different lenses together with the information about the distance of focus and the aperture used would be so useful to try to understand this problem. Posting a blurred target can't help us because we don't even know if it is front or backfocusing.

Again, here are my pictures: AF D800

Check the files 35mm.jpg (AFS 35mm f1.4), 85mm.jpg (AFS 85mm f1.8) and 105mm.jpg (AFD 105mm f2.8) which show 100% crops of pictures taken with the extreme left AF sensor, the center AF sensor and the extreme right AF sensor. The focusing distance is something like 2 or 3 meters. We can clearly see a slight backfocus with the left sensor and a slight frontfocus with the right one. The full jpegs are also available with all the EXIF.


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