AMD A8-3870K or Intel Core-i5 Ivy Bridge?

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Re: AMD A8-3870K or Intel Core-i5 Ivy Bridge?

kelpdiver wrote:

brn wrote:

Don't you dare post in these forums that there are possible cases where an AMD can outrun an Intel.

There are some cases...the magnys-cours stuff for massive databases is one fairly current one. But people often misstate their case with bad examples and bad math around bang for buck. I'm asking for clarification on one, since Anand directly contradicts it (video encoding) and it's a subject of some interest to me.

I do read reviews and reports, but I also use the stuff, just to see what works..

When I built the system with the AMD A8-3870K in it, I wasnt building for anything specific.. just a machine that would be able to do what I wanted it to do with a fair amount of speed.

As soon as I was forced to use it to do some video work (my other machine was down with a case of hard disk hiccups)I became aware of its speed doing that job, and started using it on a regular basis for other things I usually did with what I thought was a faster machine. As it turns out the AMD is just faster than my Intell boxes doing the video, so it gets more use doing the video than the Intell does.

As for "band for the bucks"... Ahh Well, I know I did save SOME money, but I dont tend to keep track of how much... If I dont spend it on the chip, I'll probably spend it on a bigger drive or a BluRay burner instead of a DvD burner (thats what I did on this system).

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