AMD A8-3870K or Intel Core-i5 Ivy Bridge?

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Re: AMD A8-3870K or Intel Core-i5 Ivy Bridge?

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

brn wrote:


Don't you dare post in these forums that there are possible cases where an AMD can outrun an Intel.

It's about bang per buck and what work you do.

I have an FX6100 it costs half the price of an i5 processor, but it's not half the performance

If you do video work the AMD chips are a good deal. For stuff like lightroom I find the FX to be very good performance wise (I'd avoid the FX4 series for heavy threaded work..they're ok but more cores the better)

Intel make faster more expensive processors..AMD has some merit in bang per buck builds though. For video work that FX is quite close to an i5 for a lot less outlay.

Thats about the way I feel about it..

I was kinda hoping the AMD line would have an 8 core with the same on chip video, but so far, not!

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