Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800?

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Re: Not intended to be a Criticism

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

This is not intended to be a Criticism.....

I have read most of the posts and the weight/size seem to be the primary topic. I am into my senior years and fail to understand how a DSLR plus one of the (less than super) zoom lens should be a real concern regarding weight. Are our Muscles in such a condition that we become overly concerned with the weight of (the equivalent) of a 10 pound bag of Sugar.

I believe the "Body Building industry" would dearly love this thread.

Edit to add: If I had a need for either the mentioned Canon or Nikon cameras, the weight would not be of even the slightest concern for me.

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When I recommended the OMD for its small size and its lightweight features, this was from my personal experience in travelling.

There are several countries that have very strict luggage weight rules. These countries enforce the weight limits to the ounce. Of course your luggages both checked in and hand carry could exceed this but with hefty penalties.

When I travel, I like to travel light.

So yes in this case, I become conscious of the weight.

FF DSLRs still are better in some areas of photography BUT are these advantages important to the OP ?

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