Question about CAF with my E-5, appreciate comments.

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Re: Question about CAF with my E-5, appreciate comments.

Rick, thanks for your input.  My shutter speeds varied from 500th sec up to 3200th.  I initially shot most everything at F4 but noticed how high the shutter speeds were and stopped down to F-8 for the majority of shots made in "clear" skies.  It didn't seem to matter too much in the results.

You mention using a tripod and that also may be a major factor.  I thought I could hand hold this thing (the 50-200) but I really didn't do very well I'm afraid.  I started to take a monopod and I sure wish I had.  One of my friends was there shooting a Canon of some kind and he in fact did have a monopod.  I've seen some of his work and he is quite good at this particular type of photography.

I think next time I try this I'll use a monopod and turn the IS off.  Hopefully I'll get better results.  It's the 1st time I've used CAF with the E-5 although I have used it with the E-3 and E-30 and had good results, but I wasn't shooting stuff moving 200-400 mph.  Also I didn't use CAF lock which was reccomended on the post I used for guidance.  Nor did I use IS.

Generally I just pan with the subject and shoot.  Always seems to work but you'll usually only get the one shot (using SAF of course) and I thought it would be fun to try the CAF but I obviously have a lot to learn about that.

msusic commented that he thinks it isn't truly predictive auto focus, but the manual says it is and in the post of d3xmeister that I quoted, he apparently has had excellent results in good light with the Oly although he did comment that it wasn't very good in low light.  I'd post up a couple of shots for you to see but I haven't figured out how to get them here from Smugmug and also I haven't yet put them on smugmug.

Anyway, as usual when something doesn't work right with an Oly, it's usually pilot error and not the equipment's fault.  I plead guilty.

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