This is gonna upset some of you.....

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Re: This is gonna upset some of you.....

RomanJohnston wrote:

You all D800 days ARE coming. (D800E to be exact) but there are always arguments from and about people and needing gear vs. wanting gear......better cameras = better work....blah blah blah.

Here are two shots. I was at the gardens and a very nice fellow had a D800 where I was shooting and we struck up a conversation. He was nice enough to allow me to put my card in his rig and rip off a few rounds. Below are similar results. D300 is the tighter crop, D800 is the wider shot of the whole falls.

Keep in mind this is geared toward the people who say they only post on the web or print small. Yes I know this is anything but scientific...yes I know I can print MUCH larger with the D800 shot. But in the DX vs. FX world.....and considering these two cameras are about 6.5 years of technology apart (huge in dog years) the end result can easily show that both cameras are very capable and that you dont need the newest and most amazing wizbang camera to produce compelling results.

Flame retardant suit is let er rip.

D300 shot...( purposfully desaturated the reds a bit)

D800 Shot

It doesn't upset me, because I frequently make the point that if you take the same picture with two cameras, the sensor size becomes not very important. having said that, these photos are more different than they seem. The D300 is set to 0.8 seconds, f/7.1 (6 EV) , while the D800 is 2 seconds, f/9 (5.3 EV). To get the same photo, you needed the D800 set to 0.8 seconds,  f/11 (7.25 EV) which would precisely cancel the D800's 1.15 stop light gathering advantage. The D800 still has a big QE advantage though, which won't be apparent with this high an exposure.

So, the conditions of a photo like this is that most cameras would have taken the photo much the same.

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